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    A Higher Paying Job Could Lead to a Stronger Marriage

    Financial challenges are stressful for one person, but can cripple a relationship. When searching for a career, people should consider how income affects marriage.

    The balance between work and family is much easier conceived than achieved. While stress from work can easily leak into a marriage, money trouble is the most common cause of divorce.

    Pasco County divorce lawyer, Marcie Baker of Alston & Baker, PA said, “Most households survive off of two incomes. When a family faces financial challenges, it’s easy for some couples to blame each other for not making enough. Finances are the number one cause of divorce.”

    Perhaps as a result of the recent economic conditions, many job seekers are considering higher paying jobs that may not be as satisfying as other positions they are more interested in. In a recent Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development study in the United Kingdom, 54% of the 2000 participants said that salary and benefits were their top priority, whereas 42% were more interested in job satisfaction. This sentiment is shared by many Floridians and job seekers in the United States.

    Many experts agree that taking a position with better pay and benefits could relieve tension from a relationship, even if the job satisfaction is considerably lower. Not just for the salary, but for the benefits as well.

    “A less enjoyable job that gives medical benefits to a household can help relieve a lot of financial worries from a marriage,” Pasco County divorce attorney, Baker said. “Having a little more time to spend with your family and the ability to build a safety nest can prevent a lot of arguments and strengthen a relationship.”

    If a spouse is willing to take a job they don’t like that comes with higher compensation, they may be able to add enough to the family’s savings to eventually start a business, or seek other employment in the future, without putting a strain on the household’s finances, or their marriage.

    Posted on Thursday, June 28th, 2012. Filed under Family Law, News & Press.