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    Practice Areas

    Marcie Baker is prepared to assist clients with all of the below matters.


    A divorce proceeding is always difficult and emotions usually run high. Once a decision has been made to obtain a divorce, the parties are best served if they can resolve as many issues as possible, without the involvement of the Court. After all, who really wants their future decided by an impartial third party?


    Custody, Parenting Plans and Child Support

    When divorce is contemplated, the first consideration should be toward any children of the marriage. When discussing parenting and time sharing, it is important to note that so long as there is no detriment to the child, Florida law requires Shared Parental Responsibility. It has been found that this best serves most children.



    The firm will meet with you to discuss all of your options, including whether filing bankruptcy is the best option for you. The firm assists persons with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases, which are cases in which there are no assets with which to pay the creditors.


    Workers’ Compensation

    If you have been injured at work, first report your claim to your immediate supervisor. If that supervisor doesn’t complete a report go to your human resources directory.

    If that fails call the 1-800 number that is posted on the required workers’ compensation “broken arm” poster. Report your accident directly to the insurance carrier; however, do not give a Recorded Statement.