Family Law Mediation

Effective Family Law Mediation

Find Creative Solutions to Your Divorce Situation

Before your family law case goes before a judge, it's likely that you will have to go through mediation. Let The Law Office of Marcie L. Baker, Esq., P.A. act as an impartial third party either before or after you file for divorce.

In our role as mediators, we cannot give legal advice but we will try to resolve issues in a more creative way as compared to the results you'll get in court.
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Mediation Can Help Relieve Stress and Cut Costs

One of the purposes of mediation is to open up communication between the two parties in a divorce so they can explore a range of possible solutions. When properly handled, it can reduce both court time and costs, which can ultimately reduce your stress in a difficult time.

It is important to know that agreements made during mediation are binding once they are completed. Count on a fair and an experienced person like Marcie L. Baker to handle your case.
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