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If you were injured at work and are seeking workers' compensation, get The Law Office of Marcie L. Baker, Esq., P.A. on the case. There will be no attorney fees or costs due unless we obtain a benefit for you.

Our friendly and professional law firm has over 20 years of experience in representing the interests of injured workers. We're ready to fight for your just compensation. After-hour appointments are available, too.

Injured at work? What do you do now?

Step 1:
Report your claim to your immediate supervisor.
If that supervisor doesn’t complete a report go to your human resources directory.

If that fails call the 1-800 number that is posted on the required workers’ compensation “broken arm” poster. Report your accident directly to the insurance carrier; however, do not give a Recorded Statement.

Still no report completed? Call me, Marcie L. Baker, attorney at law at 813 929-1900 for your free consultation.

Step 2:
Obtain authorized medical care. Your employer can and should send you for immediate medical care. It is important to establish treatment early in the case. Don’t try to be a hero and work through the pain! In the long run, your actions may be viewed as an indication that you were not really hurt.

Step 3:
Do not use your private health insurance to pay for your care or treatment.

Step 4:
If you are losing time from work and earning less than 80% of what you used to earn, you may be entitled to payment of benefits. There are complex calculations involved in determining what you may be owed and you should discuss the issue with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

Step 5:
Do not exceed any work restrictions given to you by your authorized doctor, at work or at home!

Step 6:
KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Call for your free consultation early in your claim. 
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